Orange County Careers for Felons

Finding employment opportunities can be challenging for individuals with felony convictions. However, the landscape is changing, and more companies are embracing second chances. Orange County, known for its vibrant economy and diverse job market, offers several career options for felons. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top industries and companies in Orange County that are open to hiring individuals with criminal records.

  1. Retail and Hospitality Industry:
    The retail and hospitality industry in Orange County provides a wide range of job opportunities for felons. Many large retailers, such as Walmart and Target, have policies in place that give equal consideration to candidates with criminal backgrounds. Additionally, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues often offer entry-level positions that can lead to promising careers.
  2. Construction and Trade Jobs:
    The construction industry is booming in Orange County, and it presents an excellent opportunity for felons seeking stable employment. Companies specializing in construction, plumbing, electrical work, and other trades often prioritize skill and experience over criminal records. With the right training and certifications, felons can find rewarding careers in this sector.
  3. Transportation and Logistics:
    Orange County’s strategic location and well-developed transportation infrastructure make it a hub for logistics and transportation companies. Major players like FedEx, UPS, and Amazon are known to consider applicants with criminal records. Opportunities range from warehouse work to delivery drivers, providing a path to steady employment and potential career advancement.
  4. Tech Industry:
    Orange County’s thriving tech industry offers felons a chance to showcase their skills and creativity. Companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Vizio, and Broadcom are known for their inclusive hiring practices. Positions in software development, IT support, and digital marketing can be pursued with the right qualifications and determination.

While the job market for felons may still present challenges, Orange County provides a promising landscape with various industries and companies open to hiring individuals with criminal records. The retail and hospitality industry, construction and trades, transportation and logistics, and the tech industry are sectors where felons can find rewarding careers. It is essential for individuals to focus on skill-building, obtaining relevant certifications, and demonstrating their commitment to personal and professional growth. With determination and perseverance, Orange County offers felons a chance to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to the workforce.

Please note that this blog post provides just a glimpse of the career opportunities available for felons in Orange County. We recommend conducting further research and reaching out to these companies directly to explore more options.

Remember, everyone deserves a second chance! Good luck with your job search.

Orange County Careers for Felons

Are you or someone you know looking for employment opportunities in Orange County, California? We understand that finding a job can be challenging, especially for individuals with a criminal record. However, there are companies in and around Orange County that are willing to give felons a second chance. In this blog post, we will explore some of these career options and provide information on how to apply.

1. Customer Support Specialist – Entry Level

  • Company: Strategic Marketing
  • Location: Anaheim

Strategic Marketing is currently hiring Entry Level Customer Support Specialists who are communication experts. As a Customer Support Specialist, you will provide fast and friendly service to customers, answer their questions, assess their needs, and provide immediate assistance1.

2. Customer Service & Sales Associate

  • Company: Riverside Payments
  • Location: Santa Ana

Riverside Payments is seeking passionate individuals who are motivated by more than just money. If you’re looking for stability, the ability to afford a new home, or need to pay off looming debt, Riverside Payments might be the right fit for you1.

3. Service Manager

  • Company: Barker and Sons Plumbing
  • Location: Orange

Barker and Sons Plumbing is a well-established company that is known for hiring the best talent. They are currently looking for a Service Manager who can contribute to their growth. If you have experience in the plumbing industry and possess excellent leadership skills, this might be the perfect opportunity for you1.

4. Call Center Manager for Home Services

  • Company: Do It Right Plumbers Inc.
  • Location: Orange

Do It Right Plumbers Inc. is searching for a seasoned Call Center Manager with expertise in lead generation. If you have the energy and finesse required to lead a successful call center team and transform outbound calls into sales opportunities, this position might be ideal for you1.

5. Customer Service Representative

  • Company: Barker and Sons Plumbing
  • Location: Orange

If you enjoy interacting with others, making connections, and helping people, consider applying for the Customer Service Representative position at Barker and Sons Plumbing. In this role, you will be responsible for providing exceptional customer service1.

  1. Indeed Career Guide: Indeed provides a comprehensive guide on programs that assist justice-impacted individuals in finding jobs1The guide covers various resources, including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the Federal Bonding Program1.
  2. ReeCareer: ReeCareer offers training programs for ex-offenders to learn essential skills that employers look for while hiring. These programs cover areas such as English reading and writing, speaking and verbal communication, math, work readiness, computer and internet usage, and workplace safety2.
  3. Felony Record Hub: Felony Record Hub is a free website that provides support for ex-offenders in multiple aspects of re-entry into society. It offers information about housing, legal rights, aid programs, community connections, and more1.
  4. ReeCareer: ReeCareer also provides a list of employment training programs and resources for felons. Industries such as trucking, construction, landscaping, fast food restaurants, drilling and oil, temporary agencies, newspaper delivery, apprenticeship programs, and online careers have traditionally offered employment opportunities for individuals with felony convictions3.

These resources can help you find job training programs tailored to your needs. Remember to explore each program’s details and eligibility criteria to make an informed decision.

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